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"Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven" - Matt 10:32
I am a working mom with 2 Boys. As the summer vacation for the kids approached, I was concerned that I may have to send the kids to the daycare whole day. We prayed about it in our Tamil Church prayer time and then I requested my manager. He permitted me to work from home for part of the week. Working from home was not an option earlier at work and I truly believe that it is the Lord who helped me find favor in the sight of my manager. We do worship a God who takes care of all our needs. Praises be to his name alone.
Caroline Sophia
Highlands Ranch, CO
Praise the Lord.
It gives me a great pleasure to share how our God Jesus redeemed my nephew. He was a 2 days old premature baby in Intensive Care at hospital with a bleeding liver. We prayed at the Denver Tamil Church. Also, our pastor went to the hospital and got permission to enter the intensive care unit and prayed. Miraculously our loving Jesus healed him. Within hours his bleeding stopped, and he was normal after the surgery. Glory to God.
Centennial, Colorado, USA
I have embraced the Lords Word which is guiding every aspect of my life. In the course of my walk with Him I hear Him speak to me as a guide and counselor. From a person who had sent pastors like you (Samuel John) away from my home (in the past), today I am singing in the Lord’s Praise and extending my help to be Fishers of Men. I survived a large management layoff and then closed a sizable implementation deal a week before the deadline saving 40 more jobs, He has made me the head and not the tail according to Deuteronomy 28 : 14. This is a true miracle for me after Denver Tamil Church’s Fasting Prayer.
Highlands Ranch, CO
I am Ms. Malar and working in a well established IT firm. Due to the consequences of the falling economy, from my company many employees lost their job. One day the CEO announced that many of my colleagues will be laid off from my department. This shocked me and I informed Denver Tamil Church to pray. The Pastor and the Church members prayed for me with tears during the prayer time. The next day when I entered my office, including my immediate boss and 21 employees were laid off and I was saved by the grace of Lord Jesus Christ according to Isaiah 54:17.
In Jesus,
Parker, CO
Praise the Lord!
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am Raguraman residing in Colorado Springs. I like to share the grace and mercy of my lord Christ in my life. Actually there are lots of testimonies in my life but I like to share this with you all. To begin, I was born in an orthodox Hindu family then I got saved in Christ. I am working as a software engineer for contract; I was looking for a job as my previous contract was over. Then we all prayed together in the Denver Tamil church for my job. Denver Tamil Church Pastor prayed to get a job in the Denver Metro area. God answered our prayers and I got a job, But that job was in Richmond Virginia and we were in a big confusion as my wife was doing her masters in Colorado Springs. And we don’t want to be in two different places. We prayed again for our situation, the same day the client called me and said that my job was not in Richmond, Virginia but in Englewood, Denver. My eyes were filled with tears and I thanked our lord god for his mercy according to Psalms 55 : 22. Praise god, God doesn’t want his children to be separated. And he will not let his children down. He is the lord of abundant grace.
Thanks for your powerful prayers Denver Tamil church and Pastor Samuel John!
“Rejoice in Lord”
Colorado Springs, CO

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